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French Minister Criticized for Playboy Cover

French Minister Criticized for Playboy Cover_ Trends on topic

French Minister Criticized for Playboy Cover_ Trends on topic

Marlene Schiappa, a French government minister and a vocal advocate of women’s rights is facing criticism from her own party for appearing on the front cover of Playboy magazine.

Schiappa, who has been a government minister since 2017 and currently serves as the Minister for the Social Economy and French Associations. Was featured in a 12-page interview on women’s and LGBT rights. Despite her commitment to gender equality, Schiappa’s decision to appear on the cover wearing a white dress has drawn disapproval from French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne and other political colleagues.

Borne reportedly told Schiappa that the cover “wasn’t appropriate. Especially during this period” and many have criticized her timing given the ongoing political and social crisis in France. Schiappa previously spearheaded a new sexual harassment law in France that allows for on-the-spot fines to be issued to men who catcall, harass, or follow women on the street.

On Friday, Sandrine Rousseau. A Green Party politician and women’s rights activist expressed her concern over Marlene Schiappa’s appearance on the cover of Playboy. Stating that she feels like she is “behind a smoke screen” amidst the ongoing social crisis in France. Rousseau was referring to the issues related to policing and the fact that people are between life and death, and she believes that Schiappa’s decision to appear on the magazine’s cover is diverting attention away from these critical issues.

Jean Luc Mélenchon, who placed third in the 2022 French presidential election. Criticized both Marlene Schiappa’s Playboy cover appearance and French President Emmanuel Macron’s interview with children’s magazine Pif Gadget. In a tweet, Mélenchon expressed his concern, stating that the country is “going off the rails” when the president is giving interviews. To children’s magazines and ministers are appearing in Playboy.

In response, Schiappa defended herself on Twitter. Saying that advocating for women’s control over their bodies is a universal cause. And that women in France are free to do what they want. She also called out her critics for being hypocritical.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin supported Schiappa, calling her a “woman of character” during an interview with CNews on Sunday.

During an interview with the French news channel CNews. French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin expressed his support for Marlene. Schiappa states that she is a “courageous female politician” with her own style and character. Although he noted that her style is not his, he emphasized his respect for her as a fellow politician.

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