Glen Powell and Gigi Paris Split After 3-Year Relationship

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris reportedly broke up after dating for three years. A source claimed that the split happened in early April and was amicable. Reps for Powell did not comment, while Paris’s representatives could not be reached.

The breakup news came after Paris posted a video of herself walking down the street on Instagram with a cryptic caption that read, “Know your worth & onto the next.” (Glen Powell and Gigi Paris)

According to an insider, this was not the first time Powell and Paris had broken up. The source claimed that they had broken up several times and that their relationship had been on the rocks since the release of “Top Gun.” Paris was reportedly not happy with the long-distance filming. When she visited Powell in Australia, where he was filming “Anyone But You” with Sydney Sweeney, they decided to break up for good.

Powell and Paris went public with their relationship on Valentine’s Day 2021, making it Instagram official. Powell captioned “My Ride or Die,” while Paris wrote, “Here’s to you 💖 @glenpowell.”

The breakup news comes amid rumors of a relationship between Powell and Sweeney, his co-star in “Anyone But You.” The rumors started after Sweeney shared behind-the-scenes photos from the film set earlier this month. Fans also noticed the chemistry between the two actors as they promoted their movie at CinemaCon on April 25.

Fans speculated that there might be trouble in the relationship between Paris Jackson and Glen Powell after Paris unfollowed him on Instagram. However, a source close to the couple denied the speculation, stating that Paris only unfollowed Sydney because Sydney had never followed her back. The insider also claimed that Paris knew that Glen and Sydney had never hooked up. According to the same source, their separation was not due to infidelity, but rather due to their busy schedules. Paris is focused on modeling on one coast, while Glen is busy filming on another coast. The two were on good terms when Paris left.

It is worth noting that Glen Powell is currently single. While as far as is known, Sydney Sweeney is still engaged to Jonathan Davino. The owner of a Chicago restaurant.

Glen Powell and Gigi Paris

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